For those who prefer the sea, the Ponza archipelago is an ideal place for divers, a beautiful seabed for discovering the rich flora and fauna. There are beautiful long sandy beaches mainly in the areas of Marina di Montalto and Pescia Romana. Another seaside resort is Trracina, located in the south of the region, about 100km to Rome and 120km from Naples with beautiful long sandy beaches.


Rome, the capital of Christianity, has always had to take care of many guests. Inns and taverns, nutritious dishes made from pasta, broccoli, beans and sheep’s cheese were cooked for pilgrims and travelers, to which strong local wine was added. Bavetta alla Carrettiera, Spaghetti alla puttanesca and Spaghetti alla carbonara are on the menu to this day. From the large slaughterhouses in the heart of the city come specialties, which are obtained from the so-called “fifth quarter”. No one would say that these are less prized and mostly cheap parts of beef or pork, because the kitchen has a tempting aroma of specialties such as Coda alla Vaccinara or Rigatoni alla Paiata. In the area of sweet delicacies, you are sure to enjoy the sugar-wrapped Ciambelle.