It is not easy to prioritize the enchanting beauties that can be admired in Sardinia. Areas such as San Teodoro, Santa Teresa Gallura, Poltu Quatu, Baia Sardinia are just some of the places that are worth visiting. One of the first areas that should definitely be visited is definitely the Maddalena archipelago with the so-called Seven sisters, the main islands of the archipelago. Caprera, the second largest island after La Maddalena, is rich in pastures and pine forests and is also home to Garibaldi, where he lived and was buried with his family. You will also be surprised by the beauty of the uninhabited island of Budelli with the enchanting Rosa beach, a natural masterpiece that owes its color to concrete corals and shells. On the northwest coast of Sardinia, in front of the Natural Park of the island of Asinara, lies one of the most popular tourist destinations: Stintino, which can combine the charm of a lively fishing village with tourist structures of the highest quality. This small seaside village, which seems to come from a paintbrush, white houses and the contrast between the crystal clear sea and the blue sky. It offers endless recreational opportunities from golf to trips and diving, cycling or horse riding. Opposite the famous La Pelosa beach is the tower of the same name, a 16th-century Aragonese structure, one of Sardinia’s ancient watchtowers. On the east coast of the island in the Gulf of Orosei, there are dreaming white sandy beaches with wild nature. Numerous caves and bays such as Cala Biriola, Grotta del Bue Marino, Cala Liberotto and Cala Goloritzè are just some of the natural scenarios. Sardinia is also famous for Nuraghi, the ancient stone towers that form the largest and best-preserved megalithic monuments in all of Europe and which UNESCO considers a World Heritage Site.


You can’t leave the island without tasting the delicious Porcedda, grilled piglet and served on cork trays sprinkled with mirt branches. Other delicacies for fish dishes are mussel soup and spaghetti with sea urchins or botarga Cabras. Cheeses are also typical products, the most famous being the Sardinian Pecorino. A typical Sardinian specialty is Carasau bread. In addition to tasty Sardinian dishes, the area offers excellent quality wines such as Vermentino di Gallura or Cannonau. Mirto liqueur is also excellent.