ISCHIA is the center of the island and lies in the northern part. Part of Ischia Porto is named after the port, the other part of Ischia Ponte is located near the Castle of Aragon, which is the biggest attraction of the island, known for its magnificent history. Today, Ischia is a modern shopping and leisure center with many shops, galleries, wine bars, cafeterias, restaurants and hotels, but also pine parks and greenery.


The campaign has a cheerful, tasty and varied cuisine, known mainly for its typical local products. Thanks to the sun, the country boasts the juiciest and tastiest tomatoes in the world, which taste many local dishes, including the famous Neapolitan pizza and spaghetti. Another highlight of gastronomy is the production of Mozzarella cheese from buffalo milk, from which many other dairy products. The most famous regional desserts are Neapolitan Pastiera and Babá. The juiciest lemons are grown on the Sorrento and Amalfi Coast, from which Limoncello liqueur or ice Sorbetto is made. Campania also produces wines that are among the best DOC wines in the world.