Elba Island is one of the most picturesque in the Mediterranean. Unlike nearby Corsica, which belongs to France, Elba is part of the Italian Republic. It belongs to the Tuscan region and with its area of ​​224 km2 and a coastline of approximately 147 kilometers, it is also the largest of the islands of the Tuscan Archipelago National Park. One of the attributes of the local archipelago is the great fragmentation of the coast, which is also emphasized by countless bays. The island of Elba is located about ten kilometers from the Italian coast. The highest peak is Monte Capanne with an altitude of 1018 meters. You can take the cable car to the top of the mountain. However, Elba is not just an ordinary tourist destination attracting for its seaside climate and ubiquitous sea, although this is of course one of the main reasons for its popularity. However, the visitors of Elba are far more attracted – its culture, lifestyle, art, archeology, history and also nature. The island is washed by the azure Ligurian Sea and can smell the scent of essential oils and flowers. The air here is extremely clean, which can be said about small cozy beaches. The place is a diving paradise. In addition to the amazing underwater fauna and flora, you can enjoy the view of the sunken shipwrecks. There are also exceptional hiking and biking trails on the island, which would be a shame not to use. In the rental it is possible to rent a mountain bike for about 10 Euro per day. The capital of the island is Portoferraio. The best way to get here is by ferry from the port of Piombino pod Livorno, the journey takes about an hour. The island is mainly associated with the name of the legendary military strategist Napoleon Bonaparte. If he has only been here for a short time, we will still find traces of his presence today. Above the Forte Stella lighthouse is a fortress that Napoleon had built. Don’t miss the sights of the Villa dei Mulini in Piazzala Napoleone in the capital. Near the port city of Port Azzuro, there is a mineral spring called La Piccola Miniera.


Tuscany boasts a strong culinary tradition. Tuscan cuisine begins with great appetizers such as Chicken Roast Paté, Finocchiona, typical Siena fennel flavored, pork lard specialty from the Apuan Alps, salami and Tuscan ham, or Pecorino di Pienza cheese with pears and walnuts or fig nuts. The offer of the first courses in Tuscany is very wide. Pici, handmade spaghetti with cheese, spices and garlic, Papardelle with wild boar sauce or Ribollita, tasty soup made of stale bread, vegetables and legumes. The choice of main dishes is no less rich. The symbol of Tuscan cuisine is the excellent steak Fiorentina or even Chianina meat on the grill. The most famous Tuscan dish on the street is Lampredotto, a sandwich with beef entrails. Almost everywhere in Tuscany you can enjoy Scagliozzi, pieces of fried polenta with chickpeas. Typical Tuscan sweets are Cantucci biscuits with almonds. The Tuscan Chianti wine is also very famous.