Calabria is washed by the beautiful Ionian and Thyrene crystal seas. The coast offers various activities such as windurfing, kitesurfing or diving. For sea lovers Calabria offers 800km of beautiful beaches such as the beach Grotticelle in Capo Vaticano, which is rated as one of the 100 most beautiful beaches in the world. You will also find a beautiful coastline in the Cedar area, towns such as Diamante, Scalea, or Praia a Mare, where there is also the beautiful island of Dino, which is famous for its beautiful caves.


Calabria is a land of strong and intense flavors, dominated by pungent peppers. You can find it in many typical Calabrian specialties, from bruschetta with spicy N’Duj meat spread to chocolate. Other well-known products are sweet red onions grown in the Tropea area, Bergamoto liqueur, candy canes, Cedro citrus fruits, herbs, various types of honey, jams, pasta with characteristic shapes and names such as Strangugghj, Fileja, Maccaruni and also the famous Tartufo ice cream, original you can enjoy in Pizzo Calabro.